Our Services

Boundary& Lot Surveys

Whether you’re buying property or already own property, we can help you locate or set your property corners and clearly mark lines between them. As part of this service, we also prepare and record a certified map of your property showing actual dimensions between corners, what was set or found at the corners, and any encroachments or irregularities discovered.

Construction Layout

Timberline Land Surveying has been providing construction staking and layout for jobs for large and small for Ontonagon and surrounding counties for over twenty-five years. Our projects have included staking for everything from cell towers to regional airports. Contact us for an estimate on your project.

Topographic Maps / Site Plans

If you need detailed mapping of your property such as buildings, ponds, creeks, other drainage features, utilities, ground elevations for landscape design, property development, architectural planning, contact us to discuss your needs.

Mortgage Reports and Floodplain Determination

Mortgage Reports: Many financial institutions require mortgage surveys before they’ll approve a loan for a new home build or to approve a new home loan for major renovation work involving additions. As part of a mortgage report, we would plot the location of your building or proposed building on a map of your property. Typically, corners are not set as part of this service.

Floodplain Determination: Much of the property along Lake Superior and the streams and rivers running into it falls within federally determined flood hazard areas. If your property falls within one of these areas, your lender may require an elevation certificate to determine your flood insurance rates. Or, if you believe that your building or proposed building is not within the floodplain, you can request a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) which would allow you to opt out of buying expensive flood insurance. This can be a complicated process but we can help.